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bug support?

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I am having some issues and I was hoping you guys could help me out. I have LSPDFR+, police radio,  ALPR+, traffic control and a few others but not related (I don't think.) I just started experiencing some bugs. When the dispatch calls out, I don't receive any info/pop-ups on screen (right above mini map on left side.) I have the same issue with ALPR+. I can hear the ALPR working (if it tags a vehicle it makes a noise as if its working) but no info/pop-up info. I tried going into the start menu under briefing and it doesn't even come up on there. Also, when I pull vehicles over and I ask the driver for id (they give me the id) it doesn't give me their name or date of birth. Even if I search a vehicle for flags via license plate, it does not pop up with registration info. Can anybody help me at all with this issue?

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4 minutes ago, ineseri said:

You have to enable mobile notifications in the settings menu. 

Within the game I assume?

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