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GTA V Police Cinematic's

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Hello everyone! Columbo here, I was a bit skeptical of posting my Youtube channel here, as I didn't know what people may think of my police cinematic's, however the community in Police-10-13 liked them, so I thought I will take the plunge and post my YouTube channel here too for anyone that is interested, I make short police dedication movies, from kidnappings, to emotional videos. To humorous ones, I would really appreciate for you guys to check them out and let me know what you think! ;)

Here is the link to the main channel, and also the link to my video that got the most views and likes by the 10-13 community. Hope you guys enjoy, I appreciate any feedback, positive and negative (as long as its constructive) Note: I am learning object spooner now, which opens up all new fields in my film making, so I am making a new cinematic as we speak! ;) 



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