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Favorite Scripts?

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Hello all, I've recently decided to try and bump up the realism of my patrols, so I am wondering what plugins/scripts/general mods people like to use!

Please note, I do have a good majority of the usual mods, look in the description of This Video for the most current mod list. 

I am looking for favorite traffic mods, tiny game changes, or anything visual! Basically, the little things (or big things I have missed) that you feel add to your gaming experience!

i appreciate anyone's suggestions, and maybe you'll find something from my mods!



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i'd use realistic driving V over semi-realistic handling any day. try peterU's callouts. infact. here's a list:@

  1.  realistic driving V 
  2. peterU's callouts.
  3. gta comes alive
  4. cop holster
  5. better ems
  6. arrest warrant
  7. agency callouts
  8. swat callouts
  9. secondary callouts
  10. calloutsv
  11. lspdfr+ if you're not already
  12. code red callots
  13. crazy callouts

and finally, last but not least

   14. wilderness callouts

i'm sure i use more, but cba to make a comprehensive list...


15.   EVR

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