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Game crash on startup

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hi, im getting a crash on the loading screen, it started randomly and i didnt install any mods in between the time it started and stopped working, i reinstalled pimdslr's LED ambulance, whcih had been working fine up until a few minutes ago when the lights were floating and misplaced, so i reinstalled the files (you dont have to edit car variations or vehicles.meta to install it, which i didnt do) and now my game crashes on loading, ive tried reinstalling the ambulacne and redownloading it multiple times, seeing as its literally the only change that happened between the time it started and stopped working its th eonly thing i can imagine being the problem, however i cant figure out why it worked before but not now. log is attached below, no apparent scripts causing the crash but im not a pro, my firewall was off and i didnt have disable countermeasures against dlc vehicles in sp enabled


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i changed my ambulance tot he rambulance and my game now works, i went and downloaded his firetruck, and that also crashes my game, i did have to edit carvariations for that however ti was a simple copy paste and ive made sure there are no extra/ missing lines, agian rpelacing it with a different one or the default one fixed the crashing

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