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Current Emergency Vehicle Model Path?

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Hi there Ladies/Gents,


I've been out of the GTA V scene for about 6-7 months now - and after the last update I'm having issues getting my vehicle models re-installed and back up and running.  I'm trying to install a few basic police vehicles for my LSPDFR experience.  For now I'm just trying to get a few working so I have something new to play with in-game (such as BxBuggs' CVPIs, Impala etc..) but the only issue is my game seems to hate any vehicle models I throw into the mod folder.


I've had a similar problem about a year ago, since I had to spend 4+ days trying to get my mods working again after a title update.  At this point, there are so many DLC packs and directories I'm resorting to outside help to relieve my pain. :P


If someone would be so kind;  what are the current working directories of the primary emergency vehicle models?  As in, where and what files do I need to copy into my "mods" folder in OpenIV so the game can start up without error?  I've tried a lot of different methods, even Buggs' install instructions didn't seem to do anything.  Only trying to get one mod working at a time now, still no luck.



TL;DR - Need the current file paths for the primary emergency vehicle models for mods. 


I'd at least like:




Thanks in advance,



To be clear, my game is crashing with any vehicle mod I follow instructions with.  I just want to be sure I am installing them in the correct archive with the newest game version.

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9 minutes ago, ineseri said:

Did you read this? 


Unsurprisingly to you I'm sure, no I did not.  Interesting stuff in here, thanks for pointing this out.  Didn't see it.


You can lock/delete thread.


Edit: Does this still apply to the newest release (patchday11ng)? 

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4 minutes ago, ineseri said:

Sure does. 

Awesome.  Yeah, found that out myself the hard way.  Looks like the game doesn't like any vehicles added to a patch day archive unless it's the newest one.


Thanks for the help. :)

: Now we just need an easier way to edit the vehicles.meta n whatnot. :P

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