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Does anybody have an up to date mod list for good realism/fun?

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Im pretty much a noob within the modding community, im getting somewhere, arrest manager etc, but i just have lots of crashes, but mods like the breathalyzer and searching vehicles are out of date?

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Hey Savatar,

Here is my list, I try to keep it as realistic as possible;

First off I have all Alaska State Trooper Skins and Vehicles. (I was stationed in Fairbanks for a long time)

Foot Pursuit Aid
Ped Search
Traffic Control
Vehicle Search
Arrest Manager
Police Radio
Wilderness Callouts
Keep Calm
Traffic Policer
Code 3 Callouts
Assorted Callouts
Agency Callouts
Code Red Callouts
Callouts V
SimpleTrainer V
Radiance V (Visuals)
American Siren Pack
Various Weapons (M4, Glock, Remington 870, X26 Taser)
WSO 3.5 Upgrade for better weapon sounds

I would Suggest getting OpenIV because it will be required to install some of these as well as Vehicle models/textures and ped skins.

PM me if you need help or whatever, always here to help!



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