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Putting Add Ons into LCPDFR

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Hello everyone!! I downloaded this mod a few days ago and it works great and I enjoy it. But here is the issue. I cannot put Traffic Policer or any new patrol cars onto the game and its frustrating me. I've watched every video on youtube and have come up empty because I am missing something somewhere. I have new cars on my police2 and police3 files in open IV but still the generic patrol cars show up. Same thing with traffic policer. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I have given up!!!! Thank you

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First off, we are discussing LSPDFR. Second, you are replacing vehicles, not adding additional ones. Third, just put everything in Patchday11. Also, I'm not entirely sure what your issue with Traffic Policer is. Just drag the folders from the download into your GTA V folder.


UNLESS you have GTA 4. Traffic Policer is not for GTA 4.

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