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Officer Pinguin

RPH not working

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So I just installed LSPDFR and the latest version of RPH, but the game crashes when I try to start it with RPH. LSPDFR troubleshooter by Albo1125 told me "The folder containing RAGEPluginHook is incorrectly named."

When I try autofix I get this message: "Unable to obtain folder permissions. Please close all other open applications (including file explorers) before trying again". 

So what do I need to re-name to get it all working again and where can I find that folder??

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10 hours ago, Suffolk County Skin Co said:

First off, did you put LSPDFR and RPH in the GTA V folder?

Also, please provide screenshots.

Yes, they're obviously in the game files. It's not the first time I installed RPH and LSPDFR so I know how it works.

I also found out some more information (see screenshots)

You'll notice that I use the previous version of RPH, but that's not the problem since I've the same issue with current one


Config Systemandsecurity Systemcontrol Logs Windowslogs Applications.PNG



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17 hours ago, Suffolk County Skin Co said:

You appear to be on Microsoft framework 4.0. You need framework 4.6.

Translation: The installation will not get started. You'll find the reason down below.

.NET Framework 4.6 or a more recent update is already installed on this computer



I found out kernelbase.dll is messing it up (see last screenshot of my previous comment). Any suggestions?

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