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No 'mods' folder in directory. Also, SirenMastery crashing.

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First problem: every car mod I've downloaded directs me to a mods folder in the GTA V directory - for example; "navigate to mods > update.rpf > levels > x64 > dlcpacks > patchday3ng > dlc.rpf > x64e > Levels > gta5 > vehicles"

There isn't a 'mods' folder in my GTA V directory for some reason. I have the Steam version of GTA V.

Second problem: While LSPDFR works just fine, SirenMastery always crashes when I'm in the police garage selecting a car. Only once did it get past this stage, only to crash a few minutes later, which also made all of the LSPDFR keybindings unresponsive.

I'm running the latest version of GTA V and my RAGE plugin hook, LSPDFR and SirenMastery are all up to date. While my PC runs GTA V just fine, I have to run the RAGE plugin with admin privileges or the game crashes upon launch.

Any help would be great, thanks :)

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.


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Create a mods folder using OpenIV.

Navigate to the rpf you want to modify, right click, and click 'copy to mods folder'.





Secondly, I'd recommend using the 'ForceDuty' RPH command (F4) & then using EUP to get a uniform, or configuring sirenmastery to not use the controller d-pad (Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\SirenMastery\Config\ControllerConfig.ini)

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I reinstalled the game and did everything properly this time (or so I thought), using the mods folder. I'm running LSPDFR and EUP, plus two custom vehicles.
I haven't installed SirenMastery this time. So now it gets as far as the first loading screen (the girl on the beach) before crashing to desktop and the Rage Plugin Hook giving me a crash log. The Rage Plugin Hook forums are no help unfortunately. Has anyone else had this problem and knows a fix?

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