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Can someone help me install the christmas tree caprice?

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I am having problems and before you shame me for not trying to fix it myself... I have tried everything, I have properly copied all the lines from the carvariations and vehicles.meta files but for some reason part of the lights from the lightbar appears under the right driver side rear view mirror, the lightbar will only light up on the left side and it does not look right and none of the other lights including the rear traffic strip are not working at all.

If someone can either please connect to me remotely or provide any sort of help, it would be greatly appreciated.


This is what it looks like.


I am trying to install this model...


GTA5 2016-09-03 22-38-25-56.bmp

GTA5 2016-09-03 22-39-03-30.bmp

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HI, I just installed the same model with all blue lights and it works as it should.  To assist in troubleshooting you may want to try installing that version and see if it works correctly.  Also, did you try changing out the lights? that could be the reason as well.


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Check your slot the vehicle is in and the siren setting etc. If it was thrown into a different slot youll have to adjust things so it'll work. I'm thinking it is the siren and light setting in your meta.

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