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Agent Smith

Terrorist Threat - multiplayer gameplay idea

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Hello guys, I would like to ask You, if this idea for a gameplay in GTA IV multiplayer (using LCPD:FR, of course) can be realised without any serious inconveniences.


There are two teams: NOOSE and terrorists. First one is combined with about 8 players, second one has only one, or few. Main objective of NOOSE agents is to protect two toolbooths, located on different bridges. They have one Enforcer on each bridge, one Police Patriot on each bridge, and one Annihilator or NOOSE Cruiser, only one per bridge. The main objective of a terrorist is to make his car explode when passing through the toolboth. This player have a ordinary skin, similar to peds that drive their cars on every bridge. NOOSE agents are equipped with M4 rifles, Snipers or pistols, they can refill equipment near Enforcers. The terrorist has only AK-47 with few clips and a pistol with multiple ammo. He also have bombs, that can be attached to every vehicle. If I am correct, we can't stop other player by LCPD:FR, right?

So, NOOSE agents must look forward to suspicious behavior of peds that coming to the bridge. Every player should has installed modification that disables players' blips. Vehicle detensity will be set to high, so not every car can be checked. There is in case of terrorists to look like every typical ped, in order to succesfully explode. There can be more terrorists, so when under attack, cops from one bridge can come to others as a backup, or stay in case of waiting for second attack, thinking that first one was false. Cops would have refillable lives, however it takes time so quick kill every one may cause terrorists to win. Some role play, some action, every one has an objective.


What do You think about it?

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