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PutHandsUp not working?

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I'm trying to get a Ped to put there hands up.  I set up a suspect to aim a gun at them, but the victim refuses to raise there hands.  This is the code im using:

Clerk.Tasks.PutHandsUp(99999999 ^ 9999, Robber);

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It's been a while since I have touched LSPDFR & RAGE, but I remember that during a pursuit, the suspect will typically not listen to your commands because their state of fleeing has full control over them. I cannot remember the exact method, but there is a static method part of the Function class which is in the LSPDFR API that lets your override the pursuit behavior. However, with my Pursuit Deterrence script, they never listened even though I called that method. I had to have a big fight with the pursuit behavior, and the result was a clunky animation.

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