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GTA V Police Car modding not Working

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So i have Grand Theft Auto V and i recently got modding to work for cars (Never knew how to do it correctly) So whenever i mod i can oly get police1 to work. I installed this mod: (GTR) 

And i have been downloading it for police2 like it said so i down in the description then i replace the files in OpenIV and when i click on the police2.yft i get the GTR but whenever i go into the game it does not show up. It shows the default Police Buffalo. And the modding works but when i download this: (Los Santos Police Department Pack 2011 Ford Crown Vic) It works for some odd reason. I am thinking i screwed up GTA before i did this. So how i think that i broke it. Yea before, when the first time i got mods working i downloaded more and more (at that time i have installed police2 as the charger in the pack i said before with the Crown Vic) It all worked, then last night i tried to add 2 mods instead of installing one then opening the game, exiting, then downloading that mod, then opening RAGE  (Lenco Bearcat and the Unmarked Nissan-GTR) the game when you loaded it the screen will come up for rage but just before i head into the game it says GTA has stopped working but no crash report?!??! Here is some pictures but i hope i said everything so you guys can help me. Just let me know (just let me know i did not say everything i needed in order for help when posting let me know because i don't want you to get in trouble) but anyways thanks for the help if you help!





bandicam 2016-09-01 07-07-15-398.jpg

bandicam 2016-09-01 07-20-34-357.jpg

bandicam 2016-09-01 07-49-52-926.jpg

bandicam 2016-09-01 07-50-09-495.jpg

bandicam 2016-09-01 07-50-26-096.jpg

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Go into your update folder (inside of your mods folder), then x64, then dlcpacks, then to the very-bottom folder and put it in there. Do not put anything in x64e. Police2 will only work if you put it in patchday5 or higher.

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i found it but i keep running into problems where do i put it? mods/x64/dlcpacks/patchday11ng/dlc.rpf and there's another x64 with content.xml and setup2.xml

sorry man my fault ignore all those i was looking in wrong folder and stuff i am just not having a good day. Sorry dude. But anyways i probably didn't read it carefully though. So sorry man

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