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CVPI with both LED and rotator request

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I've been wanting a CVPI (preferably LAPD based) in my game for a while now, Although the ones available only have the option for a Arjent or MX7000, they never have them both available to be used in game (different models entirely).

My reuqest is, if someone could kindly create a CVPI (modern) that supports both an Arjent and MX7000 lightbar (the vehicle also needs to have a pushbar (nothing too flash just a decent pushbar type thing) and hubcaps (i love the hubcaps on the CVPI's)

And yes, I do know there is one already available, which i'm currently using but my biggest issue with that is the Mx7000 lights are a bit messed up, The center of the lightbar is waaaay to clear to the point it makes the red/blue look like they're their own seperate lights and it's weird. If someone is able to fix that and make it a slightly transparent or a solid white then i'd be happy with that. link - 


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