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Clan Requires A Car Modder And A Script Modder

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Hello There ,
My name is Orel and i am one of the directors of a <removed> .
The clan is about police roleplay in multiplayer with all kinds of mods .
We had a hard time finding the right car mods with matching liveries and it will be easier if a modder will be in our clan and help us out .
The clan is not open to the public and in the process of development .
If you are intrested contact our teamspeak via this teamspeak address : <removed>
when you get in the teamspeak private message <removed>. and I will contact you immediately .
if there is no one there wait 5 minutes and someone will be there .

You can contact me through Kik wich is a phone software for messaging.
When you have the account search for <removed> and then start chatting .
I will contact you almost immediately .
Best Regards ,
Orel Moshe 

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