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Low FPS while On Duty

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I'm experiencing a problem some days ago. My Rage Plugin starts with all plugins loaded. When the game loads the FPS stays between 45-60. The problem starts when i force duty or go on duty in a Police Station, the FPS drops to 30-35, and in some areas in the city goes to 20-25. In the desert or Paleto Bay i can play with 30-35.

I simply don't know why this is happening. Before while on duty my FPS was around 35-45, but now it's worst.

My plugins folder:

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Sem título2.png

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As more and more code is loaded, the game has to process much more, due to rockstar's code protection to avoid modders, this severely impacts performance. At this point you can run the game even with Intel's Enthusiast Platform and sometimes get studders most likely.
This is one of the times Mulledk19 tested it to see the difference a while back.
v323: 595.1741 ms.
v350: 574.2165 ms. (3.5213% faster than v323)
v372: 715.1516 ms. (24.544% slower than v350, 20.1584% slower than v323)
v393: 2,629.0477 ms. (267.6210% slower than v372, 341.7275% slower than v323)

All tests were performed on a desolate island at the same time and weather, looking up into the sky in first person.
RAGE Plugin Hook
Core i7-4790k
Gainward GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3GB Phantom Edition

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Like Starmix said, it is because you have a lot of code running, more than the system has to run than running it vanilla. On vanilla, I get zero stutter, but on LSPDFR, I get a lot of stuttering.

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