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2004 Ford Mustang Cobra "Terminator" Unmarked/Marked

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I'm surprised this bad boy isn't on here yet.. I remember seeing it in a youtube video once:



And then I realized it was on Forza already...


I'm not too crazy about the "To Swerve and Protect" stuff on the side, but I think it would look really cool with the plain LSPD logo on it.


Also, make sure to use the 2004 Mustang Cobra "Terminator" body style, all the other 00-04 Mustang body styles are ugly looking in my opinion...

Picture of mine at the end of attachments, that's the Cobra bumper.. if you can get the embossed "Cobra" on the bumper, KUDOS!



mustang  cop 1.jpg

mustang cop 2.jpg


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