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[SOLVED] Siren lights-sound / lights toggle problem

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I was searching through support forums but was unable to find anything on this subject. Yesterday I installed LSPDFR 0.3.1. and it has a strange problem. I'm not sure what is it about, is it bug or some change of the game/mod mechanics but I can't toggle from my vehicle's lights-sound to lights (without a sound) anymore. It can only be on or off completely.

What is this all about? Is it just me?

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No, I'm saying that the standard toggle on my horn button is not working anymore. On last LSPDFR version I've played (7 months ago), when I pressed horn button once, both lights and siren were turned on, second click was lights only and third was turning everything off, if I remember correctly.

Now there is only lights and siren on and lights and siren off, no lights without a siren available. I can set this on interactive LSPDFR menu but it is much easier to use the standard horn button and toggle this when convenient, while driving, as I did before.

This happened on standalone 0.3.1. LSPDFR, no vehicle modifications or any plugins/sounds were used.

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It's the J Key.

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