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[Fix] Blips staying on map and not disappearing

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I've been getting and seeing an awful lot of questions about this issue and up till now the search function didn't provide any information if this was searched for, so:

The issue with blips not disappearing from the map is caused by RAGEPluginHook 0.43. To fix this issue now, downgrade to RAGEPluginHook 0.42 here: http://ragepluginhook.net/GetDownload.aspx?id=125. Alternatively, wait until RAGEPluginHook 0.44 is released and install that.

That's all there is to it. Happy days.

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Thanks Albo! I thought about downgrading Ragehook to 0.41 or 0.42 in desperation and trying with that but wanted to check the forums out first. Came back to LSPDFR after about 7 months and was really sad that my clean install of GTA 5, LSPDFR and plugins was not working properly. :)


5 hours ago, johnnylawless said:

Thank You for that, damn blips driving me nuts!!! By downgrading Rage, would i have to downgrade your mods latest updates as well?

Albo's latest updates are good with 0.41, 0.42 (and 0.43, although that is not an option) as far as I can tell.


EDIT: 0.44 was released today, first thing on their changelog is: "Fixed a bug introduced in v0.43, preventing blips from being deleted." :)

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