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Issue with Zmodeler 2.2.6.

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hey guys can anyone help me. 

im new to modding and have been working on i CVPI. Everything goes fine until it comes to exporting. i follow the steps on a youtube video but am still getting this error and cant find out why its doing this or how to solve this issue.

Another issue i am having is when i put the model into sparks iv or open iv the model says 0 bytes. 


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First error, the name of the car in zmod has to be the same name as whatever you export it as. So if you want it to be police.wft, the first tab in the hierarchy has to be police.wft: https://gyazo.com/882dace6054518b7cb95230dbcb4b9d5

Second error means you have multiple things with the same name in the hierarchy.

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hey agine. hope you can help me agine i have managed to fix them errors but i am now getting (missing filter for expansion "wtd")

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