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Anyone able to take some HD screenshots to showcase my textures?

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[Wasn't too sure if I posted in the right place, if not, sorry :/]


I'm working on a large project, and some smaller projects too. I'm making a series of skins based on real and fictional locations. I run the game beautifully, but due to my screen resolution as a result of playing on a wider screen (1366 x 768), the screenshots I take leave a lot to be desired and don't show fully how great the skins can look when inside other people's games. If anyone can assist me in taking good screenshots or short videos in a high quality, I would really appreciate that. If you are interested in any way, leave a reply to this topic, or send me a PM. Thanks guys, have an awesome day!


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Yeah, yeah it's ok i'll do it if that's ehat you're asking for ^^

But as said (@awsomeboy232) my computer had some serious issues with life and just gave it up so it has to be fixed aaaaaaaand just when I thought everything went well again gta5 installation disk always gets stuck on the patchdays and the whole update folder so I wasn't able to play gta5for the last few weeks will seewhen I get back...

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