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Which mod is doing this?

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Hey everyone,

If you look in the screenshot you'll see a lot of different blips and coloured areas, indicating 'enemies' and what not. My problem is when I receive a callout, whether I take it or not, a coloured area and an enemy blip will appear on my screen, and if I do take the callout the coloured area will stay there after the callout is resolved and sometimes the blip will too. And if I don't take a callout and I go to the blip sometime later, there will be nothing there. This is a list of scripts I am using:

Arrest Manager

Assorted Callouts


British policing script

Police partner

Traffic policer

Vehicle search

There is also some PED and vehicle mods but I doubt that has anything to do with it. Could anyone please help me with fixing this? Its really annoying and gets confusing when on callouts.

Thanks a lot!

Sorry if this is the wrong thread btw

Screenshot (5).png

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