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Officer Bubby

Officer Bubby Needs Assistance

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Hello, I started this topic to see if anyone could help me out with a problem i've been having. Here is the Problem, When I first Launch RagePluginHook, GTA starts up fine and loads the story mode as it usually would. When I get in the game, I go to the police station to go on duty of course, at this point, everything is working fine. Then when I come out of police station after selecting my Ped and Car, My plugins for LSPDFR load. Then My FPS drops from 50 before Going on duty, to somewhere between 11-16 FPS, I have a Nvidia GTX960, I have already re-installed the drivers and it did nothing, I know its not my setting because i have 1213mb/2048mb used up in my graphics. Please Help and tell me why it starts lagging, is it the plugins?

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