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tow vehicles to impound?

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I had an idea today that came to me whilst i was looking at the impound lot map mod; I always thought it was a pain to search vehicles on the side of the road, so i was thinking that it would be awesome to have the vehicle towed to an impound "pending search warrant" and then you can come to the impound to search the vehicle when you have cleaned up the street. A lot of times, if there is suspicion of something illegal in a vehicle, the owner denies permission to search, and you can impound it pending a judges approval on a search warrant, this can happen after a couple hours, unless the judge is on top of it and can get it approved on the spot. 

So the idea is to have the vehicle you want to search towed to impound lot so you can search it later, and not having to tow it yourself. 

is such a thing even possible, it would take some persistence and memory to store the vehicle, so that would probably be the hardest bit. any insight would be appreciated!! 

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