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Lighting and livery trouble with addon police car

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Hi all,

In my GTA I have an addon CHP CVPI by OfficerUnderwood that I got into the game using one of those extra police car slot mods. I didn't replace any police slot with it and spawn it in using the model name "chp" I installed everything correctly including the carvariations and vehicles.meta files, however I seem to be having some issues with the lighting. I use RadianceV and have the FLAG_EXTRAS_STRONG flag on the CHP car, however, the lighting is very flat compared to all of my other cars (CHP on the left compared to my LAPD cvpi on the right)

Does anybody know how I can make the lights "pop" like my other cars? On top of that, I also can't get the CHP car to support multiple liveries. By default it only comes with 1, which I replaced. But even after adding FLAG_HAS_LIVERY, the other 3 I added won't show up. They use the same name scheme as the first one. Compared to the pictures on the mod page, they don't look the same. 





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