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Advice For Texturing?

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Hello all,

I have decided that I am going to try and make a skin pack loosely based around my local department. 

[ This department has been modeled before, but I plan on making this more realistic, and with a wider and newer range of cars]

For an idea of what I am going to be doing, here are some pics of the cars I am basing it off of.





I have a decent idea of what  I want to do and how, but I still am very very new to this and would love to hear any advice someone with experience would have for me. I will be showing off my progress over in the WIP section, so stay tuned. 



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33 minutes ago, Illusionyary said:

What software are you using?

I am attempting it in GIMP (since I'm cheap and don't feel like buying photoshop just yet). It seems to be working so far for me

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1 minute ago, Officer First said:

I would just torrent photoshop.

I'll remember that. Halfway done with a model right now so I will check it out when I start a new one!

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