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Photon Mod Idea

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So for those that play Garry's Mod (I'm a diehard fan with over 1000 hours put into it), and for those that enjoy downloading addons associated with police, you'll know about a mod called Photon Lighting Engine. This is by far one of my favorite addons in Garry's Mod. For those that are unfamiliar with said addon it can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=339648087

Long story short, Im asking if anyone here could make something similar, mostly I just want the interface of it in the bottom right corner of the screen to show what lighting pattern, what code (2, 3, pursuit, etc.) im using, and some other basic information. This would really be next level for me and my LSPDFR Experience. For more information on what im asking for just run it in game, or scroll down on the addon page to the Vehicle Hud section. Thanks alot!

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