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LSPDFR new version

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Hey! I would like to express my proposal.

I want report suspect for example LCPDFR; press ALT+E you reported suspect.

Why you drink coffee like LCPDFR It was up to you to drink.But You could not keep coffee in hand for LSPDFR 0.3

I would like to turn the gun flashlight.

I press Q ,I hide car or other goods and I hold one-handed weapon. But other police holding the gun with both hands.

And very big problems for LSPDFR 0.3 You haven't a partner.

Maybe some people backout support FIB

I feel a lot working from LCPDFR. I wait the same work LSPDFR.

Why should not the next version? Thank's Guys.They are just my thoughts








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2 minutes ago, J and E Vehicle Team said:

There are mods for partners.

I know available partner mods. But There are many shortcomings for partner mods

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