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Where to place common mods

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I am just starting out with LSPDFR and tried downloading different mods today.  There are many unclear installation instructions in the different mods.  I ended up having multiple Plugins folders as well as LSPDFR folders within my GTA5 folder.  I am trying to place just the most common mods so that they will work, such as LSPDFR+, Arrest Manager, police radio, LSPDFR computer, etc.  Could someone post a picture of what their files are supposed to look like / how they are organized please?  Or point me to a topic similar to mine that would show me the way? 



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55 minutes ago, ScarletDraconis said:

Most plugins (if not all) actually have very clear installation instructions, you should make sure you read the readme files carefully and thoroughly! :)

This. This cannot be stated enough times apparently. Read the available documentation.

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