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Backup XML need help with coding

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Hey guys!

So I was wondering if anyone knew how to setup certain skins for a certain area of command? 

For example if I have a car with 8 skins available and I want to assign 4 for Los Santos county and 4 for Blaine county how do I do that?

another question would be if I want local swat to have the option to spawn with 4 people in sherrif2 and another option to spawn with 2 people in a normal sherrif patrol car whats the coding method/algorithm?

Thanks in advance.

here what I did and its crashing my game:


                    <Ped RandomizeProps="False">s_m_y_sheriff_01</Ped>
                <NumPeds min="4" max="4" />

                    <Vehicle livery="1">sheriff</Vehicle>
                    <Vehicle livery="2">sheriff</Vehicle>
                    <Vehicle livery="3">sheriff</Vehicle>
                    <Vehicle livery="4">sheriff</Vehicle>
                    <Vehicle livery="5">sheriff</Vehicle>
                    <Ped RandomizeProps="False">s_m_y_sheriff_01</Ped>
                <NumPeds min="2" max="2" />


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