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LSPDFR Money System

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(if this is in the wrong section, devs pls move it :))

Hear me out lol

Since my attention span is very short, i have figured out a way to make lspdfr a bit more fun (for atleast me)...

i wonder if someone can make a script that gives (?) amount of money. I wanted thiis because i feel if i get money from doing certain tasks, i can buy weapons for next patrols or say 5000$ for a replacement vehicle, or 10000$ for an addon police vehicle.  this is just to stop me from completely modding gta v in 10 seconds and getting bored of gta. This way i believe it could make gta last longer for some people. (Jesus I feel like im giving a report for school or something haha)

I guess this is to make it more realistic- to have an income system, and for me it would make my gta experience last longer lol.

if you want to make a script for this let me know down below

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@phoenixpolice This already was a thing, it fell out of development long ago and not many people really used it. To get something like this going again if you want it, you should probably start it yourself and use the vast resources of the modders on this site to help with it. If you're serious about making it they will always try to help however they can with any issues or questions you may have.

For reference this is the previous script: 


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