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Federal Q Siren Script

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I was curious if anyone with some scripting/programming experience would be able to create a small script for a Federal Q siren.

My basic concept is that the script would play an audio file (whether that's the in-game firetruck siren, or a separate file in the script's own audio folder) as long as the predetermined button is pressed, and upon release of the button, the audio file would reverse from the last 'position' within the audio track. In other words, the Federal Q would wind up until the button is released, at which point it would wind back down. It would also be great to be able to hold it in the highest pitch, much like we do when clearing intersections or moving through heavy traffic, but I understand that programming the script to maintain that high pitch on a sound file would probably be rather difficult, as would being able to rev the siren back up once it starts winding down.

I don't have any programming experience, so I honestly have no idea how hard any of this would be, which is why I'm posting here, in hopes that someone can tell me whether that would be a possibility or not.

Thanks for any input here!

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