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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I believe the issue I am experiencing is down to LSPDFR and not ragehook. However if I am wrong I apologise. I originally downloaded LSPSDFR for GTA 5 around the end of last year (I am unsure of the exact dates) and my game worked fine with LSPDFR, modded vehicles and plugins with decent graphics at 60fps. A short while after I stopped playing LSPDFR for a few months for personal reasons with intention tor return later on. A few months later I decided to return and updated my game, ragehook, LSPDFR and any other mods I had. however something was different. I started my game and as usual got about 60fps solid with decent graphics, however once I went on duty my fps would drop from 60 to about 30-40. The reason I don't think this is down to hardware or cluttering is because before reinstalling the game I downloaded CC cleaner and did a huge scale clean up of my PC, and even removed any dust from inside my PC. Also other games work the same as before. Not sure if it helps but here are my PC specs just in case (AMD FX 6350 processor, Nvidia GTX 750ti & 8gb of DDR3 RAM) Also one thing worth noting is when I go on duty I get a notice saying Dependency error expected version, actual version. I hope you can help and if this is the wrong place then once again I am sorry. If you need any more information then please do not hesitate to ask me :)



Jamie :) 

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This is definately an issue, but no, this is not caused by LSPDFR itself. This is caused by Ragehook and all the extra scripts and plugins and callouts and such that we add to the game. I have an i7 6700, 16gb of ram and a gtx 1070, i get 80+ fps on ultra settings with vanilla gta V but with lspdfr and all the plugins it drops to 40-60 and during driving and pursuits it can drop as low as 35. This is also partly caused by Rockstar's anti-modding measures which has a toll on performance aswell, and performance gets worse every update.

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What iStrong said. I have also noticed that some larger game updates had an impact on performance as well, without even having any mods installed. I remember being able to play GTA5 on high settings with 60+ FPS, directly after release. It got worse and worse with each update, especially some of the updates that added some more counter-measures for modding.

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