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Error on StartUp (SOLVED)

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Lately iv been getting an error,  Rage.Vehicle..ctor(Model model, Vector3 position, Single heading), whatever that is, i have no idea, I have attached my ragehook log below, any help would be much appreciated


[25/07/2016 13:42:47.960] LSPD First Response: 
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.961] LSPD First Response: ==============================
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.963] LSPD First Response: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION DURING GAME FIBER TICK
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.964] LSPD First Response: ------------------------------
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.970] LSPD First Response: Origin: Game fiber "<UNNAMED THREAD>".
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.971] LSPD First Response: ------------------------------
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.973] LSPD First Response: Exception type: System.InvalidOperationException
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.974] LSPD First Response: Exception message: Cannot load an invalid model.
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.976] LSPD First Response: ------------------------------
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.977] LSPD First Response: Inner exceptions:
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.979] LSPD First Response: ------------------------------
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.980] LSPD First Response: Stack trace:
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.981] LSPD First Response: at Rage.Model.LoadAndWait()
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.982] at Rage.Vehicle..ctor(Model model, Vector3 position, Single heading)
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.984] at ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????() in E:\GTA V\LSPD First Response\LSPD First Response\Mod\PoliceStationManager.cs:line 1356
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.985] at Rage.GameFiber.Main()
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.986] LSPD First Response: ==============================
[25/07/2016 13:42:47.988] LSPD First Response: 



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