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Traffic Stops

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I am really enjoying the LSPDFR plug in.


One proplem I find is that it's rather hit and miss when it comes to pulling people over.  I drive up behind the vehicle I want to stop and activate my lights and sirens.  I then press the "X" button on my PS4 controller.  Often I am told to indicate with sirens/lights if I want to pul the person over but it can take a few attempts before I get the message that the vehicle has puled over and I can get out and speak to the driver.


It talks about a "blip" when targeting the car you want pulled over, but I see no "blip".  Am I supposed to be seeing something like a target thing to aim at the target car?

I did try installing some new skins and models but it's so darn complicated:  move this file to that folder and this folder to that one, turn around in your chair ten times ...  wouldn't it be nice if somebody made a car/skin park with a simple install file that does everything for you. Sigh!


I did watch some YT videos but my goodness the authors just drone on and one before they get down to explaining what to do.  I'm too impatient.  I'm not interested in why they like the car or what computer set up they have or who they spoke to last night.  I just want them to tell me what to do to install more cars.  As you can see I am impatient :teehee:

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