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cant change sheriff car

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ok so i downloaded this mod : 2011 CROWN VICTORIA LASD/LSSD V1.4A


but it used like a package . it was super easy but now i dont know how to get rid of the car or change it . its a great car nothing wrong with it honesly but it doesnt fit in. i want the sheriffs to drive chargers and explorers . all i want is to change the sheriff car .

ANYWAY! does anyone have any experecice with this mod . there wasnt much info in the read me regarding deleting it or where it put the files . i feel like this over complactaed things trying to be less complicated lol . 


again im sure its something right in front of my face as it always is . just need some  help . im so close to being done with modding . i got gun, and peds, and sound left after this and ill be good 

so plz help me out . 

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