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GTA 5 LSPDFR Police Mod Episodes - Benzo Effect

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My channel was started October 2015 and I have been very active uploading from 3-5 days a week.  I have been featured in two of the most popular and downloaded mods "Arrest Manager" and "Traffice Policer" Albo was nice enough to feature me in his PDF download of the mods themselves after my reviews. I have also done several Callout reviews as well as Vehicle Reviews. I have 2 very en-depth tutorials on how to install LSPDFR as well as Plugin install that are over 2 hours each in detail.  Please feel free to stop by the Channel and ask questions or just enjoy a bit exciting police work.  The main channel can be found here BENZO EFFECT  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCAfshFkLmgQwke6ga202Xw feel free to subscribe and hang out a bit.  I answer all questions.

This link here goes to my VERY Large LSPDFR Video Play List




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