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Realism Dispatch Advanced Crash

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Installed the latest version of RDE using the package installer on open Iv, the install succeeded correctly with no errors. When loading the game I get a crash in loading the story mode, really disappointed as I think might be to do with the recent updates not functioning with RDE. So I installed the "fix" of the new gameconfig file provided, and I still get crashes. Rendering my game unplayable.. really upset guys any help thanks.

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6 hours ago, SkillfulCorpse said:

Do you use a mods folder? If so make sure you install the gameconfig.xml there too.

Also what are your PC specs?

Hi I do use a mods folder I may have overlooked installing the gameconfig into the mods folder, and putting it into the main files. 

System specs (apologises for the incompetence) I will try this and get back to you.


Thanks for your help


EDIT: Rectified the problem GTA V now starts, will check if RDE works. Thanks a lot!



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