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Gta crashing after Installing mods folder

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I have been trying to load vehicles from the Lore friendly retro pack by Lozano71 and a few other mods but for some reason even though i went through all the steps of each mod install GTA crashes on me. Ill provide my dlclist.xml and launcher.log If you guys can help me it would really be appreciated. 



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Ill try that one thanks man.


Nope that didn't work

here are some screens:


Screenshot (1).png

Screenshot (2).png

Screenshot (3).png

Thats everything I have in the mods folder and game directory on my other computer and it still crashes me.

But both directories whether it be on my laptop or my desktop still have the same problem

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2 hours ago, nic227 said:

If you edited either carvariations or vehicles meta, make sure you do not have any, ANY, screwups in there. Sometimes one blank line or one wrong character causes the whole game to crash on startup. Try going through those 2 files or straight up change them out to the vanilla/backup file and see if that works.

But i havent messed with those at all. The only thing im trying to load is the mod folder with: BCSO addon project, Lore Friendly Retro Emergency Services vehicles and EUP. So idk why it keeps crashing me even though i follow the instructions to install them step by step. 


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