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Should we not install the lspdfr031setup_alt?

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KK, so I have GTA V installed via Steam on my PC.


Your instructions for LSPDFR installation simply say to unzip the contacts of the zip file (including the Rage Plugin) to the GTAV exe directory (Steamapps>GTAV)


However I notice that the only file in the lspdfr zipped folder is what appears to be an installation exe (llspdfr031setup_alt) file.  Should this not be double-clicked and installed/setup rather than just being unzipped to the GTA V folder?


I carried out your instructions and the plugin failed to work within GTA V

Download the modification here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/7792-lspd-first-response/

Drag and drop all files into your GTA V directory.

Thank you.

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That means you've downloaded the automatic installer, so guess what?
You install it and it installs, automatically :thumbsup:

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25 minutes ago, JWMike said:

Thank you Starmix


do I still need to unzip the rage plugin thing? 


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Okay, after a kit of trial and error I finally managed to I get everything installed and launched GTAV via the Rage plugin.  GTAV loaded with the LSPDFR add-on running.  Problem is I walked into a police station and I am not getting the press E option to allow me to go on duty.


Any suggestions please?

How can I tell if the LSPDFR plugin is still running in game?

Thank you.,

It's okay, don't worry.  I tried another police station and it worked.

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