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Los Santos Real TV Videos

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Hello everybody! 

This topic will be the video version of my gallery Los Santos Real TV. The first episode is about one of my favourite callout ever, Traffic Stop Backup of Assorted callouts by @Albo1125.

Hope you enjoy it and... forgive me if my english isn't perfect :sweat:

#1 - Traffic Stop Backup

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Hi guys!

Before leaving on holidays, i want to share a new project i'm working on. It's a police drama with original screenplay and recorded wit the Rockstar Editor. It is intended to be a tribute to all the amazing LCPDFR community.

7 steps:



3-Edit with subtitles

4-Edit audio and ambient effects

5-Place music



At the moment I'm adding subtitles on a 36 minutes pilot episode.


Here is the TRAILER

Hope you enjoy it... and stay tuned! 

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb Effegi88:

Hello guys!


L.S. Beat Episode 2 is now online!

Due to bad pc issues I couldn't upload it in November.


Hope you enjoy (especially my only fan @NeulandInternet )  :tongue:


L.S. Beat 1x02 - The Last Flight


And merry christmas to all! 

That's another awesome Episode! I love the amount of Detail you put into the dialogues and atmosphere! :thumbsup:

Merry Christmas to you!

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Hi all!

Here I am with a new L.S. Beat Episode


L.S. Beat 2x01 - The Hunter

Why season 2?

I know the first season was made only by 2 episodes but hey, we're in 2017 now!

Besides, from now on the series is better shot, really played by the "actors" and the characters are no more raw NPCs models.


I think I made a much better work this time... But, as usual, judging it's up to you!


Vehicles by:


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Hello guys!

Let me introduce you a new cool series, shot in COPS style and entirely based on real LSPDFR  in-game footage.


Each episode will take just 10 minutes of your time, entertaining you with immersive and as realistic as possible police work!


First Responders #1


since I'm italian, some responding codes and suspect approaches may differ from american police procedures. Proper procedures hints would be appreciated.


Mods used: LSPDFR (vanilla), Police Radio by @FinKone

Vehicles: Ford CVPI State Trooper by @POLICESCO 




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