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Forest Service Brush Truck

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anybody willing to make a forest service brush truck? ive seen one out there but it hs a diferent style then i would like.

Would love it for that vehicle model.

4895694412_c8f9770291.jpg (example of what i dont want lol)

The one i have seen was a main color of white with the stripe green. but that is their police force look really. the forest service firefighter look is the same but switched. shown below.




the picture below is the main style that i want.


anybody willing to give it a shot! do whatever u want with it too!

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50 minutes ago, phoenixpolice said:

Haha @PNWParksFan yours was the one that I saw lol. I know about the green in white just around where I am all of their trucks are white in green. :)

The pack also includes a white-on-green skin. You can see it in some of the later screenshots. 


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1 minute ago, PNWParksFan said:


oh and i love your park ranger skin for @Black Jesus's Chevy Silverado. You shoud make some more for other vehicles bro, I use it in every patrol.

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