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Cars not adding

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So I've been successful before with adding: Los Santos Pack to


and also been successful with adding: Blaine County Sheriffs Dep to




But I've had to delete it that time as my game started to have problems but now I can't seem to install any vehicles into, 

-Sheriff (1/2)

-Police (2/3)



So I've once I've deleted the first version the only models I can seem to get to work are




Alright so whats happened is that I've been once able to install sheriff vehicles into the game but it wont let me do it now nor will it let me car models to FBI(2) or Police(2/3) anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated, The models I'm using are based off the L.A.P.D and L.A.S.D.

(If you need the models to see whats wrong I can message you them) 



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