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Police Siren Pack

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Hi guys im just wondering if i could get any help on siren packs as i cannot find any with a load of different ones,

EG. if someone could create a pack with all the creator's permissions or could direct me towards a pack with a variety of different sirens

i did forget to mention i downloaded a police vehicle (a chevy but i don't know what year (could be 2014 or 15)  or model) and it came with lots of different sirens by different manufacturers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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18 minutes ago, GravelRoadCop said:

Obviously you have not heard of the American Siren Pack made by me. Look it up under audios, GTA V modding section.

Sorry for late reply just had a orgasmic wank lol 

 Thanks dude i really appreciate it, I also only just realised your DrunkPolice so also thank you for the LED and Corona Mod

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