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[WIP] Support Callouts

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Welcome to the soon to be "Support Callouts!"

- Support Callouts is a callout pack which offers different, unique, and fun callouts for LSPDFR players to enjoy and enhance their gameplay experience with -

Please Note:

Due to real life time constraints, progress will be going slow. However, I do plan to work on it as much as I can.

Let's get into what this pack will offer

In Progress:

  • Missing Dog (May change to "Missing Animal") - "My precious doggo!" A citizen has seemed to have misplaced their key- umm, I mean dog! It was last seen in that direction (initiate amazing animation of pointing )! Attempt to locate that pupper and return them to their relieved owner! 
  • Convoy Attack - The San Andreas Highway Patrol, or SAHP have had their convoy attacked by armed gunmen, and need immediate assistance! Rush to the scene, save your fellow officers, and fini.. Oh? There was a prisoner? He escaped? Well, guess we gotta find him! 


  • Crowd Control 
  • Shootout (May change to "Shots Fired")
  • Noise Complaint
  • Active Shooter
  • Building Fire

More callouts may follow, but these are what I plan to create primarily.

Any questions? Ask down below or shoot me a PM.

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Video Demonstration of Convoy Attack's possible final version.

New Feature: Search Radius which updates periodically as the prisoner walks amongst the crowd.



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