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Backup officers shoot random drivers

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Hi All! 

First of all, I would like to thank the G17 team for developing this awesome mod and the community around it for keeping it even more awesome. Thank you, you granted me with endless fun! 

Unfortunately, I experience a very annoying issue. Whenever I call for backup or AI cops come to pick up AI arrested ped, they start shooting random peds in their cars. This does not refer to already said bug when AI cops shoot arrested peds. To make myself clear, i. e. I respond to a homicide call and ask for additional code 3 to secure the scene. As soon as they arrive they find themselves a poor ped in a car near by and try to kill him/her. This also happens after a succesfull pursuit when suspect is already in custody and surrounding cops start shooting at some car around. Basically, it happens almost always when AI backup is on scene. Does anyone experience similar situations? Please advise if there is any solution for that. 

Thank you in advance!

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Are you sure it's a random ped and not a ped that drove into a fellow officer? If so, all cops in the game with automagically target and kill said ped. 

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Yeah, I am pretty sure they shoot random drivers. They also go lethal with drivers trying to ram officers but this is not the issue, this is life:) Of course I need to say that I do not play vanilla LSPDFR and I have several plugins installed. 

EDIT: I think Jeff Favignano mentioned the same issue in one of his latest videos.

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