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LSPDFR help please

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I recently downloaded gta V and LSPDFR and followed all the instructions and the game works great. but there are some minor issues. For starters, Police and sheriff deputies do not respond in vehicles they just sit there in the car and they do not target anyone. SAHP responds. only the AIs in modded veh's don't work, so am i missing something? secondly, LSPDFR will start up on cue with the rage-hook, and I can go to any station to go "on duty" but, as it will allow me to select my ped, and vehicle, it will not actually put me "on duty". it only does at the vinewood police station after 3 or 4 tries. And when it does finally work, Whenever I get a call out, LSPDFR crashes and I have to restart the game. So, if anyone is willing to help me that would be amazing. 


in unrelated news, i will be releasing a Los angeles/los santos county police skin pack shortly.

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Hello there - Welcome, and thanks for trying out LSPDFR. We require all members to read the provided ReadMe and User Documentation before getting support. Please keep in mind that this is a beta version of LSPDFR - we cannot guarantee that all issues have been resolved. 

You can find the user manual in your LSPDFR Download folder. If you still have questions after reading the User Documentation, review the LSPDFR FAQ; http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/51162-lspdfr-frequently-asked-questions/. 

Ensure you have a folder titled "LSPDFR" and "plugins" in your root directory. 

  • The plugins folder should contain the following; 
    • LSPD First Response.dll
    • A folder titled "LSPDFR"

Make sure you have the latest RagePluginHook: http://ragepluginhook.net/ 

Please do so now and return to this topic when this is done and do the following;

  • Give a clear, detailed description of the problem.
  • Explain any circumstances surrounding the problem.
  • State what solutions you have tried.
  • State which version of the game you're using (Steam or Retail)
  • Post the RagePluginHook.log in a spoiler tag (Please be courteous and only include the relevant information).
  • Include as much information as possible.
  • Post your system specifications. You need to meet the required system specifications for the mod to work properly. 
  • Post what other mods you are using. 
  • Post a screenshot of your GTA V Game directory. 

 Failure to follow these instructions may result in topic closure. 

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