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REQUEST: Black ops 3 G.I UNIT ped model

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I need someone to make a black ops 3 G.I. UNIT ped to replace a ped that isnt used in game very often or one that is only in a mission, i would do this myself but i have no clue how to go about it and youtube tutorials are not very good.

i could not find a good enough picture of the G.I. UNIT however it resembles Chappie and i would be very happy if it was like the image i have attached.


i would appriciate it if someone could give this a go for me.

thank you

i would also like to appologise to site admins if this post is in the wrong place as this is my first forum post.


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If you are unsure whether the forum you are creating a topic in is the correct place or not, please read the descriptions for each forum Category. They contain information on what each section is used for.


This topic has been moved to the appropriate forum. Please post in the correct location in the future.

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