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i need help - and you make me angry

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seriously guys.. you make me a little bit angry.

in an other topic (yes, i always use the search engine) i found the same error i get after installation of the mod, i thought, instead of opening a new topic i could join the conversation there an an mod/admin or anybody else could help me too. and what have i to see today? the topic is closed without an answer/help. is that your policy? closing topics instead of let them open to can discuss the same problem by other people? i hope not..

back to the topic: while starting LSPDFR over RAGEPluginHook i got an error message and the game crashes.

[28.11.2015 23:51:12.512] Started new log on 28.11.2015 23:51:12.512
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.514] ====================================================================================================
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.508] Log path: F:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\RagePluginHook.log
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.514] Log verbosity: Verbose
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.517] Initializing input system
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.523] Initializing game console
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.533] Console key has been set to F4 (key code: 115)
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.560] Console initialized
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.560] Initializing forms manager
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.563] Version: RAGE Plugin Hook v0.20.641.4077 PUBLIC ALPHA for Grand Theft Auto V
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.569] ================ RAGE Plugin Hook ================
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.570] Checking game support
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.573] Product name: Grand Theft Auto V
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.573] Product version: 1.0.505.2
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.573] Is steam version: False
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.724] Unknown game version, there might be issues. Please report your game edition, place of purchase, and region at http://forums.ragepluginhook.net
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.724] Initializing game support
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.844] 
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.844] ==============================
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.844] UNHANDLED EXCEPTION OCCURRED
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.844] ------------------------------
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.844] Origin: HOOK
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.844] ------------------------------
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.844] Exception type: System.NullReferenceException
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.844] Exception message: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.844] ------------------------------
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.844] Inner exceptions:
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.844] ------------------------------
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.844] Stack trace:
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.845] bei InitializeGameSupport()
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.845] ==============================
[28.11.2015 23:51:12.845] 
[28.11.2015 23:54:11.296] 
[28.11.2015 23:54:11.297] 
[28.11.2015 23:54:11.298] 
[28.11.2015 23:54:11.298] ====================================================================================================

GTAV Version is Europe/Germany.

would be nice if you could help me.

edit: the full error message, which i get is the mostly the same as in this topic here. thx.

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Your topic was closed because it has been answered countless amount of times in the past, use the search function on the top right of the forum and you'll soon find your answer. 

EDIT: After viewing the topic you posted in, it was locked to avoid any thread hijacking (it's what you was doing by asking for support in someone else's support topic. 


This topic has been closed, as it has been previously answered on LCPDFR.com - We require all members to thoroughly investigate whatever question they might have before posting. You can find the search function here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/search/ 

If you feel this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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