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General Suggestions

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Stuff to optimize/add:


  • Paramedics (To save people's lives or take them to the hospital)
  • Firefighters  (To put out fires and maybe use the roof water gun)
  • Coroners (In White Van and lab coats (To take pictures, examine, and remove dead bodies to the morgue)
  • Tow Truck (To remove crashed vehicles to the scrap yard (somewhere near the oil pumps) and take the operatable cars to the police impound)


  • Shoplifters
  • Shop Robbers
  • Gunmen
  • Arsonists
  • Mugging
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Domestic Violence
  • Crowd shooter
  • Crowd Shooters
  • Plane Hijacking Plots
  • Union Depository Robbers
  • Fleeca Bank Robbers
  • Jewel Store Robbers
  • Fort Zancudo Terrorists
  • Los Santos International Airport Terrorists
  • Mass Shooters
  • Hostage Situations
  • Explosive Situations
  • Oil Truck Hostage/Hijackings
  • Sniper
  • Mass Gang Shootouts (both gangs start shoot it at the popo upon arrival)
  • Gangs Shooting Everything
  • Gangs shooting pedestrians in crowded areas
  • Gabgs shooting/blowing up people on Highways/roads
  • Gangs targeting planes
  • Prostitution
  • Drug Smugglers
  • Black Market Dealing
  • Human Trafficking
  • Alcholic Drivers
  • Speeding Drivers
  • Stolen SuperCar High Speed Pursuits
  • Unroadworthy Vehicle Drivers
  • Dangerous Drivers
  • Stolen Vehicle Pursuit
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking
  • Armoured Vehicle Pursuit
  • Stolen Insurgent (with mounted guns) Pursuit
  • Armoured Vehicle Pursuit
  • Stolen Boat Pursuit
  • Stolen Plane Pursuit
  • Bomb Defusion
  • Suspicious Package
  • Woman Screaming
  • High Ranking Government/Military/Etc Official Escort Convoy
  • Stop A Gang Convoy
  • Car Blows Up
  • Gas Station Blows Up
  • Indecent Expousure
  • Public Sex
  • Gangbangers
  • Guy Pissing in the streets
  • Fight Breaks Out
  • Lost Wallet Argument


Other Stuff:

  • Be able to summon road blocks
  • Be able to place barriers
  • Be able to place spike strips
  • Be able to Stop Traffic
  • Search Trunk (Police Trunks contain Unlimited Weapons, Ammo, Body Armour, And Health Kits)
  • Join an existing Pursuit that maybe you see pass by your car.
  • Make Criminal AI more competitive
  • Be able to sit at benches
  • Drink Coffee
  • Use Coffee Machines
  • Eat Donuts
  • Buy Donuts
  • Call for road service
  • Call for a new vehicle
  • Peds don't lose their shit if they hear police fire a shot
  • Have a Police Partner
  • Have a Police Dog
  • Add a lifeguard Model
  • Add the Lifeguard Vehicle
  • Add the Police POLMAVerick
  • Make use of the Searchlight


  • Add a flashlight
  • Add a nightstick
  • Add a Fire Extinguisher
  • Add Tear Gas
  • Add Sleeping Gas
  • Give Weapons the LSPD tint
  • Give them all upgrades (Extended Clip, Supressors, Scopes, FLASHLIGHT, Etc.)
  • Give NOOSE a Rail Gun


  • Add a seatbelt
  • Options for Headlights
  • Options for Turbo
  • Options for Window Tint
  • Options for bulletproof tyres
  • Options for Vehicle Armor
  • Options for Engine
  • Options for Brakes
  • Options for Suspension


Have any other useful suggestions/features you want to see added that I missed? Comment Below.

Feel free to share your opinions about my list.


LSPDFR Developers: Hi. This is the stuff y'all should add to LSPDFR. You might want to leave the Callouts for last though. Thanks.



-Le Johnny

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I like the callout ideas, but a lot of the callouts already exist in plugins, same goes for some other features. (Coroner, towtruck, spike strips, road blocks, locking doors to name a few examples). Drinking coffee is already possible. Just hit N while you're on foot. You also have a fire extinguisher when you go on duty. 

  • Give NOOSE a Rail Gun

Uhh, that's not really realistic, is it?

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On 26/11/2015 21:51:02, TheUniT said:

You also have a fire extinguisher when you go on duty.

Sometimes it's not enough and the car explodes on you ...
Fire department arrives only when the car exploded and calling 911 while the engine is on fire isn't fast enough either. That's not really realistic ...
Calling fire department like with LCPDFR should be very good!

I'm not a programmer but programming a "calling fire department feature" should be easier than programming the new "calling ambulance that revives ppl feature".

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1 hour ago, Findus said:

Sometimes it's not enough and the car explodes on you ...

That's true, the extinguisher is useless. But it wasn't made to be used by players in the first place.

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Don't they only make callouts from dispatch audio?


For instance, there is no rape dispatch audio so how would the dispatch sound? If there is an "extreme emergency" generic audio file they could probably use it and then have the text say rape. The animation could come from the random event where the cult is naked and grabs a woman.

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I think a good addition to the game (in my opinion of course) would be to add a payment system to the game. Either get paid per call, or maybe get paid when you go off duty for the day and have that money count towards your account in-game so that you can buy a house/cars/etc. I think it would be fun to start from scratch, star a career as an officer, earn money and work my way up to owning a house and some cars. It would give players more of a goal other than just hopping from call to call with no real progress.

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Not sure how hard it would be to fix, but I'm getting tired of other cop cars going into super-turbo ram mode and hitting anything that might come between them and the suspect, if its you, you're going to have one smashed up cop car. It's ridiculous, a Rockstar "feature" I realise, but I've never seen the point in it.

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There's already plenty of callout scripts and the more and more you add the more buggy the game gets. 

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